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Early streamer emission lightning rod STAR®

Our lightning rods are subject to rigorous quality control.

Each product is tested and validated before it is put on sale.

Since 2002, we have been manufacturing our own range of products.

Our production favors the use of recyclable materials.

5 years manufacturer warranty.

Down conductors

The down conductors provide the electrical connection between the lightning rod and its earth connections.

The choice of lightning down conductors is a guarantee of quality.

Our drivers all meet normative standards.

Choosing our lightning conductors is choosing safety.

Equipotential bonding

The equipotentiality of the metallic masses with the lightning network is essential.

The range of conductors we offer complies with current standards.

The equipotential bonds guarantee the flow of lightning strikes.

The equipotential network limits electric arcs and step voltage phenomena.


Effective lightning protection must have a standardized earthing system.

The choice of stakes and connections determines the effectiveness of the lightning earth connection.

Our products are selected according to the normative properties imposed.

The earth connection is an integral part of the correct operation of the lightning network.

Surge arresters Technofoudres®

Surge arresters effectively protect against the induced effects of lightning.

The choice of Technofoudres surge arresters ensures the protection of your electrical network.

Our workshops manufacture custom pre-wired boxes in order to optimize the installation.

Our surge arresters are withdrawable, with fault indicator, to simplify the maintenance cost.

Manufacturer of lightning protection systems - Star® Lightning Rods Evolution Early streamer emission..



Lightning rods

The external Lightning Protection Facility's function is to protect structures and people from "direct" lightning strikes.

In order to ensure effective protection, it is imperative to follow four steps:

1. Determine the level of risk of the site.

2. Calculate the sphere of protection.

3. Advocating the material.

4. Write the specifications.

At the request of you, we can carry out this procedure, free of charge, within 24 hours.

Surge arresters

In order to protect the installation's equipment from lightning and the long-term protection, the implementation of Surge arresters devices is essential.

Surge arresters effectively limit lightning-induced surges, protect equipment and ensure site continuity of service.

The choice and installation of Surge arresters requiring a normative mastery, our teams will be able to guide you, both in the sizing of the Surge arresters, the recommendation, and the follow-up of your installation.

Llamptech offer a full range of Energy Networks and Data Networks, suitable for all types of configurations.

Accessories and groundings

It is imperative to build an equipotential network, in order to protect the structure of short circuits,and to limit the phenomena of tension of step.

The main equipotential links are obligatory, between the lightning rod network, the metal pipes and the electrical earth intake of the structure.

Grounding "lightning" must have the lowest possible impedance (less than 10 ohms), and be linked in Equipotential bonding to the general land network.

To implement these networks, Llamptech offers its range of grounding products. 

Protection references in more than 50 countries

Our STAR® lightning rods (ESE) protect your property or whether they are in the world.

Manufacturer warranty

Our quality products are guaranteed for 5 years.

Efficiency and ease of installation

All of our lightning rods early streamer emission operate autonomously, requiring no power source.

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